March 1, 2005 - Vol. 6 No. 5


In the January/February issue of the Inside Line magazine,
Team Yamamoto writer Don Roberts presented the first in a
multi-part series on fishing out of the back of the boat. To
co-angle correctly, it really is a different fishing style.

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Bobby Uhrig, President of MegaStrike, Inc. has announced he
has reached an agreement with bass pro Lee Bailey Jr. to
purchase Bailey's highly successful buzzbait company,
Cavitron Lures.

Cavitron Lures manufactures the famous Cavitron Buzzbait.
Designed and patented by bass pro Lee Bailey Jr, the
Cavitron buzzbait has been in production over ten years.

MegaStrike Inc. manufactures MegaStrike Fish Attractant, the
most technologically advanced and fastest growing fish
attractant in the world.

The Cavitron buzzbait is the most well known buzzbait on all
of the professional bass fishing circuits. It is a proven
design that has claimed national championship wins on the
Bassmaster Tour.

Lee Bailey Jr. cited his extremely busy schedule fishing two
national tours as the reason for the sale.

"I have a lot of pride in the Cavitron lure and company,"
said Bailey, adding "I know that Bobby Uhrig will take
Cavitron to new levels of success."

"This will also allow me more time to concentrate on my
professional fishing career," continued Lee.

Bobby Uhrig stated he was pleased his well-known fish
attractant company was able to buy Cavitron.

"Cavitron Lures is a great addition and will further our
goal to provide anglers with only the very highest quality
products," said Uhrig.

"To have a proven product like Cavitron with a great history
behind it is a win/win deal for us," stated Uhrig.

The Cavitron buzzbait features a precision gold anodized
Cavitron prop, a patented "stealth" body and custom oxbow
wire bend that sets Cavitron Buzzbaits apart from all
others. Cavitron is the slowest buzzbait you will ever use,
claimed the company.

The Cavitron is a high end buzzbait that comes with the
finest quality components. It features a setback Gamakatsu
hook that virtually eliminates the need for a trailer hook.

Available in three sizes (1/8, 1/4, 3/8 oz) and five colors
(black, white, chartreuse, ghost minnow and
chartreuse/white) that fish see best. Most other colors
catch fishermen rather than fish, so we keep the Cavitron
buzzbait colors simple. It works.

Cavitron Lures will move its manufacturing operations to
MegaStrike's facilities in Jackson, New Jersey.

To visit both companies on the web, go to
http://www.cavitronlures.com and http://www.megastrike.com.

Media Contact: Bobby Uhrig, president/owner, MegaStrike and
Cavitron. Phone: 1-866-4-LIMITS



I remember some years ago, whether it was seven, eight, ten
years back, when red lipless crankbaits ripped in springtime
received a lot of press. The stories came out of Texas. It
was news. It made the pages of all the magazines then.

Of course, nothing in fishing is ever entirely new,
especially by the time it hits the national press. So who
knows how long or how widespread use of red lipless
crankbaits had been before that, but the average angler was
unfamiliar with the whole concept.

The stories were written as if it was a particularly
Texas-centric phenomenon, but any reader anywhere who had
the gumption to try it, he or she would see the red rattle
baits work at any latitude or longitude where bass swim in
cold/cool water from late winter through late spring.

This weekend, bass pro Zell Rowland won the BASS Pro Tour
event on Alabama's Lake Guntersville with the help of a
Cotton Cordell Super Spot lipless rattle bait. Rowland,
whose fifth career win pushed him close to the $1 million
mark in BASS events, said he relied on a red and a gold 1/2
oz Super Spot for most of the tournament. He caught the rest
of his fish on a Smithwick Rogue and a jig.

In a press release made by the Cotton Cordell company, they
estimate over half of the tournament participants used this
lipless crankbait as their primary lure during the

The Super Spot is considered to be a great choice to rip
through grass. Bass pro Tim Horton says, "The reason is it
comes through the grass unlike any crankbait or any lipless
crankbait. The key to getting strikes is being able to rip a
bait through the grass and none does it better than the
Cordell Spot."

Rowland, like Horton, said a Super Spot is better in
vegetation because it has a body that is taller from top to
bottom. Other more streamlined lipless lures, he said, sink
too fast due to their body shape.

"A Spot has a little bit more buoyancy to it," Rowland said.
"It's easier to fish a Spot. It sits a little bit more head
down, so it pulls at a 45-degree angle. Others pull at about
20 degrees. Because of this it pulls with its head down,
making it easier to work through the grass. It is 10 times
better than the others."

"It seemed like everyone we talked to was throwing the
Cordell Spot, particularly the Rayburn Red and Royal Shad.
It's hard to explain how much better it feels than other
lipless crankbaits."

Edwin Evers, who finished third and led the tournament until
the final day, also threw a Super Spot throughout the
tournament. He said he caught the majority of his fish on
the Tomato Red color.

"I used it because I could reel it real slow," Evers said.
"It has a great wobble at a slow retrieve. I can keep the
bait up better than the other brands. It works better over
the top of the grass."

Of course, nothing in fishing is ever entirely new,
especially by the time it hits the national press. Nearly
three years ago Horton quietly won a tournament on Lake
Guntersville with a Super Spot.

Team Yamamoto's Takahiro Omori won the BASS Pro Tour event
this January on Lake Toho, Florida on Daiwa's Team Daiwa TD
Vibration lipless crankbait (gold with black back, Gamakatsu
red treble hooks).

Cranking lipless rattle baits (1/2, 3/4 and 1 oz sizes) has
been a mainstay on the springtime BASS and FLW Pro Tour
stops for at least the last few years.

And although the stories you'll see are written as if this
is a particularly grass-centric phenomenon, nevertheless any
reader who has the gumption to try it, he or she will see
that the rattle baits work as well on grassless bass in
cold/cool water from late winter through late spring.

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