July 27, 2004 - Vol. 5 No. 20


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This just in from Biff Humphreys, Yamamoto's Africa

Dear All, I thought you may be interested to know of the
potential new Zimbabwe and All Africa (pending) bass record
caught July 25, 2004 by Maxwell Mashandure, the fellow in
the photos. Weighed 18 lb 4 oz. It was caught on a Zoom
Super Fluke (Junebug) and 25 lb Berkley Big Game line.

Hope you are all catching lots of bass and keeping well.

Biff Humphreys
Zimbabwe, Africa



Photos of brand new 925, 926, 927 laminates & fishing tips:

"We are all artists when we pick up a rod, and what we tie
on the end is our paintbrush."

That phrase may never ring more true than when using
Yamamoto's three new laminate Senkos:

1.) #927: Smoke w/large Purple & Alpha Jewel ( Hologram);
Side B: Blue Pearl w/large Silver flake

2.) #926: Dark Green Pumpkin w/lg Purple, lg Black & small
Emerald flake; Side B: Transparent Amber w/lg Black flake

3.) #925: Green Pumpkin w/small Red flake; Side B: Fading
Watermelon (no flake)

Photos of brand new 925, 926, 927 laminates & fishing tips:



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On Monday, Sean Alarid and Bradley Roy became the first two
Junior Bassmaster World Champions in history, competing on
Lake Norman in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Young anglers get to the world championship through a
series of qualifying events at the local and state or
province level. The 66 world championship qualifiers are
winnowed from among young anglers in 141 Junior BASS Clubs
in the United States and Canada.

Sean Alarid, 15, of Oakley, California, bested the 15-17 age
division with a single-day catch of 6 pounds, 3 ounces,
while Bradley Roy, 13, of Lancaster, Kentucky, brought in 3
pounds, 15 ounces to win the 11-14 age division.

Speaking of Lake Norman, "It's different from the
(California) Delta," says Alarid, who has been fishing
tournaments on Sacramento's sprawling, bass-laden fishery
with his father, Steve, since he was 6 or 7 years old.
"Here, you have to work. At the Delta, you just have to
pitch back in pockets."

Roy has also competed in local tournaments with his father
since age 7. "It's very exciting to me," says Roy, who won't
be eligible to fish adult BASS events for three years but
has managed to attract seven sponsors. "It's kind of
unbelievable. It hasn't sunk in yet."

Alarid caught two bass - one a 3-15 bruiser that earned his
age division's $1,000 Big Bass prize. The other Big Bass
Award went to Ben Cayer of Bethel, Vermont, who brought in a
3-4 lunker, the largest fish in the 11-14 division.

Roy and Alarid each won a $5,000 scholarship. Other
competitors also earned scholarships.

In the 11-14 age group, Ben Cayer of Vermont won a $2,000
scholarship; Kyle Heels of Ontario, Canada earned $1,500 for
third; J.C. Christopher II won $1,000 for fourth; and Derek
Kuntz of Minnesota earned $500 for fifth.

In the 15-17 age group, Jeremy Lins of Wisconsin earned
$2,000 for second place. Mike Roselle of Maryland earned
$2,000. Blake Stewart of Kansas earned a $1,500 scholarship;
Robert Arasmith of Georgia. earned $1,000; and Jonathan
Puhalski II of Connecticut earned $500.

Congratulations all Junior Bassmaster World Championship anglers.



This just in from reader, Mark Poulson:

Russ, I enjoyed the recent WEEKLY NEWS article on the new
Yamamoto Craw MegaStrike, but you forgot to mention one
important use for MegaStrike. I use it as treatment for
heartburn. I apply it to my baits and no longer suffer from
the heartburn and pain of short strikes and missed hooksets.

Seriously, I have use MegaStrike over two years and my
hookset ratio is way up. The new Yamamoto craw formula goes
on all my baits, and I also use it on the line above the
baits. I think it makes a scent trail ahead of my Ikas,
like hollering "Fore" on the golf course. Kind of whets
their appetites like driving by a Bar-B-Que restaurant and
smelling that smoke.

Mark Poulson



Classic fans can turn to Bassmaster.com for coverage of the
2004 Bassmaster Classic, which runs July 30 to August 1 in
Charlotte, North Carolina. You will be able to check the
Classic Real-time Leaderboard, which will provide the latest
on-the-water information, including fish caught and kept,
from 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET each day of the tourney, then
stream real-time leaderboard information each evening during
the weigh-ins from the Charlotte Coliseum.

Bassmaster.com will also webcast live audio coverage of
Classic weigh-ins. Chicago radio host Chauncy Niziol, will
anchor a revolving stream of guests, analysts and anglers
during all three tournament days. The webcast times (ET)
are: Friday, 4:15-5:45 p.m.; Saturday, 4:15-5:45 p.m.;
Sunday, 3:45-5:45.

Another innovation on Bassmaster.com is an interactive
Flash-based map of the Classic water that will be posted
after Sunday's final round, allowing fans to track the
on-water route of each Classic angler each day, and where
they caught fish.
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