May 11, 2004 - Vol. 5 No. 13


Greetings from Yamamoto Central! It's the other editor
logging in over here today. I'm Jerry Puckett, editor of the
sister publication to the WEEKLY NEWS. That'd be Gary
Yamamoto's Inside Line magazine, printed and delivered to
subscribers' doorsteps every two months.

Controversy abounds in the world about us, and in that
regard bass fishing is certainly no different of late, and
neither is the May/June issue of the Inside Line magazine.

A while back we debuted a new series titled "Legends of the
Sport" with an outstanding interview that Jim Alphin
arranged with venerable Texas basser Tommy Martin. I was so
excited by the substance of that interview - not only the
fishing info it contained, but by the insight I gained -
that we made immediate plans for other interviews, and a
full-blown series. If you subscribe to the Inside Line, I
hope you'll enjoy the upcoming interview series as much as I

The May/June issue brings us the second installment in that
series - this time with pro fisherman, author, and artist
Bernie Schultz on the microphone, and none other than Roland
Martin on the hot seat. For many icons of our sport,
including Martin, the winningest of all time, things haven't
always been love in the cottage, or a leisurely stroll in
the park. Bernie managed to draw Roland out on many
subjects, most of them intensely personal in nature. Roland
didn't dodge a single question or hedge any of his
responses. He answered each and every question, in the
process providing you and me an amazingly candid insight
into the life and career of one of the true "Legends of the

Next, and also scoring high marks on both the controversy
meter and Richter scale, we have Staff Writer Paul Crawford
checking in from the Sunshine State with opinions on the
overall state of the tournament bass fishing union. In this
case Crawford takes dead aim at the two behemoths of the
sport and what is, in his view, a move by the two giants to
squeeze out Joe Lunchbucket, the middle class of tournament
bass fishing. Whether you love or hate tournament fishing,
this one's not merely a joust with windmills - Crawford's
"cut to the chase" op/ed piece is well worth the read.

Riding drag in this issue's roundup of opinionated rhetoric
is California Staff Writer Dean Sault and his rhetorical
question "Tired of high gas prices?" Well, it's quickly
clear that Sault has had it with skyrocketing petrol prices
as he takes oil companies and OPEC to task. Although all of
his solutions may not make the final cut in the hard light
of day like rigging oarlocks on his BassCat tighten your
seatbelt for a sporty ride of opinion on the cause and
effects of international economics, along with a few of
Sault's suggested remedies.

Opinion and controversy are great stimuli for the old gray
matter, but thank goodness we can agree on one subject - May
and June are the best of times for bass fishing regardless
of where you hang your hat, or opinion. From ice-out in the
Far North, to post spawn in the Deep South, it's time to get
out there and remind each other of what first drew us to the
sport the unbridled joy of fishing and a day spent outdoors
in the company of friends.

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Good fishing!

Jerry Puckett
Editor, Gary Yamamoto's Inside Line magazine


WHAT'S MY LINE? ~ by Russ Bassdozer

"What's my line?" That's a tough one to answer. Three major
line types - braid, fluorocarbon and monofilament - are
available today in myriad brands. There are several hybrids
and copolymers out there too. Each it seems has different
specifications and properties. No two the same (or so it
seems). Even proven formulas apparently are periodically
changed - for better or worse. To sum it up, it can be
difficult to choose what line to use. The Dozer helps you
line up some simple options in:

WHAT'S MY LINE? ~ by Russ Bassdozer

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