November 5, 2002 - VOL. 3 NO. 42

QUICK TRICKS by Gary Dobyns

Gary Dobyns is one of the few people in our sport who has
won over one million dollars from fishing tournaments. This
week, we have a heavy weigh-in bag full of Gary Dobyns'
money-winning tips and pointers for you at:

QUICK TRICKS by Gary Dobyns



Ben Matsubu, operator of Gary Yamamoto's Toledo Bend Pro
Shop, has started a new dropshot class for their customers
on beautiful Toledo Bend Reservoir. Texas pro staffer Jim
Alphin will be giving classes too, in addition to Ben.

So stop in next time you are on your way down to Toledo Bend
or Sam Rayburn. The shop is on Highway 21 at the Pendleton
Bridge just outside Hemphill, Texas (phone 409-625-0495).

And if you aren't going over that way soon, why just click
here to study a homework page out of dropshot professor Jim
Alphin's text book (the exam will be on Friday):




B.A.S.S. pro Ben Matsubu and Internet fishing guru Russ
Bassdozer live about a 20-22 hour driving distance from each
other. They fish totally different waters. They have never
fished together. They have several decades of dissimilar
fishing experiences. Yet in comparing top color choices,
both experts find amazing similarities.

Ben operates Yamamoto's Toledo Bend Pro Shop in Texas and
Ben fishes across the country on the B.A.S.S. Tour. Russ
lives the last two years in Arizona, where he fishes the
"dry desert lakes" of Arizona, Utah and Nevada since his
arrival. Before that, Russ lived in the East, fishing in New
York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
Connecticut, or making fishing forays across the country.
You'd never know where this Fishin' Yank could turn up with
a rod in his hand.

What is uncanny is that Ben Matsubu's top color choices are
almost exactly what I use, says Russ Bassdozer. Ben's top
choices for Texas and the BASS Tour are what I use here on
the Western desert lakes, but they were, and would still be
my top choices if I was back East today, says Bassdozer.

"Well, let's not keep our fellow readers waiting any longer,
Russ. Here are the colors that work great for me anywhere in
the United States for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted
bass," says Ben Matsubu:

1. 912 - Green pumpkin pepper / watermelon pepper laminate
2. 323 - Watermelon - with black & small gold flakes
3. 194J - Watermelon - with black flakes
4. 221 - Cinnamon - with black & purple flakes
5. 213 - Junebug - purple with emerald flakes
6. 208 - Watermelon - with black & red flakes
7. 214 - Smoke - with black, blue & gold flakes
8. 222 - Watermelon - with large red & large green flakes
9. 051 - Black - with red flakes

"Ben's list would be exactly the best for me for any bass,
any time, anywhere," says Bassdozer. In addition, Bassdozer
would not want to fish without:

1. 240 - Something blue
2. 300 - Something white
3. 169 - Something chartreuse, especially for smallies
4. 905 - Senko Shiner (clear with gold, silver & black)

The blue 240 is among the best Yamamoto colors I have ever
thrown, but you do not read about "blue worms" in magazines,
you never hear about blue anywhere else, and there's nothing
blue swimming around the lake. Most guys wouldn't suspect
it, but blue 240 can be incredible at times, says Russ.

Senko means "Flash" and that's just what the 905 Senko
Shiner does, says Bassdozer. When bass are on the 905, there
is no other Senko color quite like it, he says.

The new CoreShots, 913 and 914 may prove to become perennial
favorites of mine in time also, says Russ. Plus the 908
rainbow trout. Even where rainbow trout don't exist, I can
almost always catch bass on 908.

"Russ, one tip on the 908 from my customers at the Toledo
Bend Pro Shop is that they throw a few fading 194J
watermelon baits into a bag of 908, then leave them out in
the sun," says Ben Matsubu.

(Note: 194"J" will fade. 194 with no "J" does not fade.)

The watermelon dye fades out of the "J" baits, and the
bubblegum bellies of the 908s turn a subtle fleshy color
when that happens. This accomplishes two things, both very
cool. First, you have some nicely-faded 194J on your hands.
Second, you have customized some rainbow trout Senkos. They
seem to work better at times with the custom-faded bellies
than the original shocking bright pink bellies, says Ben.

There is a reason why Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits offers over
100 colors of soft plastics. You see, every color has been
proven to perform well in magic moments for someone,
somewhere, and will repeat this proven success for you under
the same conditions elsewhere. However, the short list of
top colors discussed by Ben and Russ above will get you
anywhere you need to go, until you uncover your own "uncanny
list of confidence colors" that work well for you



Did you know 2002 was a most innovative year for Gary
Yamamoto Custom Baits?

Our new Yamamoto dropshot rod exceeded expectations, new
laminates like green pumpkin/watermelon (912), Core Shots
(913 & 914), the hot 323 color, 908 rainbow trout, flashing
905 Senko shiners, three new sizes of Cut Tails, Flat Tails,
shrunken 9C Senkos and more!

Over 100 new colors, sizes and models of soft baits were
designed and tested for you in 2002...a VERY good year! That
does not even count our industry-leading field test research
and development program (for Inside Line magazine readers),
which features innovative new research items in every
magazine issue for a limited time only.

Click here for a year-in-review of new products:


We hope you enjoyed using 2002's new Yamamoto baits as much
as we enjoyed making them for you.



New 2003 Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits catalogs are being
designed now, even as you read this. In the interim, we have
not been sending out any 2002 catalogs any longer.

If you have been waiting patiently for a catalog, we thank
you. When 2003 catalogs are ready to send out, you will get
a new catalog then. I hope you don't mind the delay. It will
be worth the wait! The new 2003 catalog will have a stylish
new look, rigging tips pages, plus the most awesome
underwater photography of bass biting Gary Yamamoto Custom

The new catalogs will be printed and available before year
end. Thank you again for waiting for the new 2003 catalog.
We appreciate your patience.



Jay Liu talks often about batteries because he has so many
customers and phone calls about trolling motor problems and
finds that low batteries cause many of them.

Most of the new boats come with an on board charger and they
are good chargers, says Jay. One of the problems is that the
auto shut off voltage is set a little lower so the battery
is not as fully charged as I would like it. Having the shut
off voltage a little lower also keeps the battery water from
evaporating so much. The problem with these chargers is they
do not produce high amps and we do need high amps to clean
the battery plates. If you go fishing every weekend, you
should put high amps to your batteries at least every three

You will need at least a 30-amp charger and charge the
battery for about an hour, then go back to a lower rate of
charge. Do not leave it on for a long period (on high amps)
of time as you can warp the plates in the battery. By
charging with high amps, two actions are taking place. One,
the plates expand and two, the boiling action washes the
plates. This will give you more area for chemical action to
make electricity so your battery will last longer.

It is best to fill your battery water right after you have
finished charging, and the battery is still warm because the
water expands when you fill it to the mark and when it cools
down, it will have room to expand again without spilling
over the caps. You do not have to remove the cap when
charging, but be sure to leave the deck cover open. The
gases from the battery are corrosive and if you leave the
cover closed, the gases travel all over inside the hull
corroding everything.

Jay Liu's Service
Trolling Motor Repair & Black Bass Tackle
Newark, California
Ph (510) 794-4089



If your favorite fishing shirt was not so lucky for you
before, it can be now, once you download your free Bassdozer
Worldwide Bass Fishing shirt logo embroidery file courtesy
of Mike Gordon at Pro Images Line.

Mike fashions custom tournament fishing shirts for the top
pros, including Gary Yamamoto, and he has made a stylish
downloadable Bassdozer logo file you can have embroidered on
your shirt too!

Next time you visit www.bassdozer.com, click on the
embroidery download file, save it to disk and bring it with
your favorite fishing shirt to any embroiderer who can work
in Tajima (embroidery industry standard) file format. It's
that easy to be looking good and fishing good...be the envy
of all your friends in a Bassdozer Worldwide Bass Fishing
embroidered fishing shirt! Thank you.

Russ Bassdozer

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