October 22, 2002 - VOL. 3 NO. 40


It's interesting to consider how long it takes for tactics
to spread. Take dropshot. It hit the national scene over two
years ago at the Bass Masters Classic in Chicago, and was
used widely in the Western states for years before that.

It's probably fair to say the winnning ways of Californian
Aaron Martens popularized national awareness of dropshot
more than any other individual. Still, many anglers have
never dropshot or "sinker bounced" yet as I call it.

That's why we have an article on dropshot for you this week.
As fish move deeper and many of you are getting in your last
licks of the season, give dropshot a try. With a little
determination and the right tackle, you too will soon:

BE A SINKER BOUNCER! by Marc Marcantonio & Russ Bassdozer



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