September 1, 2002 - VOL. 3 NO. 33


Image is everything, whether you're winning tournaments,
breaking records, having the best fishing day of your life,
or visiting the local GYCB dealer to "ton-drop" to the other
guys about your recent heavy stringers.

Now you know we've got tee-shirts, professional tournament
shirts, baseball caps, golf caps, safari hats and two-tone
lightnin' bolt style hats....but they haven't truly seen you
looking good yet. That is, until now.

Dress for fishing success in the latest Yamamoto fishing
apparel. You'll truly be the catfish's meow, and this
outdoor clothing is as rugged and practical as it is

YAMAMOTO WIND SUIT - Designed to keep you warm on those long
runs to and from the distant headwaters where the big ones
wait for you. These attractive two-tone jackets have 100%
nylon outer shell with warm honeycomb mesh lining.
Fully-lined sleeves, elastic sleeve cuffs, elastic waist,
zipper front. Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits jumping bass logo
on left breast. Matching pants have 100% nylon outer shell,
warm inner lining, elastic waist, drawstring, elastic leg
cuffs, leg zippers for easy on/off over your shoes and
pants. Two front pockets, one zippered back pocket. Gary
Yamamoto Custom Baits jumping bass logo on left pants
pocket. "Yamamoto" emblazoned down sides of pants legs.
You'll be the envy of every angler when you arrive on the
fishing grounds (or return to the weigh-in) in your rugged,
warm Yamamoto wind suit.

YAMAMOTO FISHING VEST - Designed by Gary for demanding
tournament competition, two zippered front bellows pockets
hold several bags of whatever GYCB baits are hot. Fish right
out of your vest pocket. No lost time going back to the
tackle box or boat locker. Just reach in your pocket, bait
up and reel in another bass. Gary designed this vest to
prevent line snaggage on the front or zippers, a common
problem with other fishing apparel. Plus two open flap
breast pockets, and several Velcro-closable inside pockets,
including pen and sunglass pockets. 100% cotton. Gary
Yamamoto Custom Baits jumping bass logo on left breast.

HOODED LOGO JACKETS - Let them know you fish with the best.
Earn instant respect. Our highly-popular, warm, light and
comfy hooded jackets have been restyled to look even better
on you. They come in several eye-catching new colors too,
all with the Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits jumping bass on the
left breast and big as life on back of jacket.

YAMAMOTO ROD COVERS - Now your rods can look as good as you
do in your Yamamoto apparel! Keep your expensive rods and
reels looking new, free of grit, dings and scratches in
protective Yamamoto rod covers. Sleek black 100% nylon rod
covers have "Yamamoto" emblazoned down the side, and come in
left- or right-hand reel models. Ideal for approximately
seven foot baitcasting rods. Adjustable Velcro for longer
rods. Reel pouch has Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits jumping bass
logo, clear vinyl reel window, snug elastic fit around reel
and Velcro closure.

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Coming September 1st, Core Shot technology allows one soft
plastic color to be shot straight through the core of a
second color, creating a two-tone tail tip effect.

Click here for more information on Core Shot Senkos:




Super-fine salt impregnated in a high-floating plastic
formula that took years to perfect. Translucent colors that
don't cloud. Rubbery rip-resistant walls do not tear easily.
Original style tube that made tube fishing famous. Cut
differently so tentacles won't stick together. Tails always
separate in water. Don't lay over on each other. Long
flowing tentacles move with the current. Wide inside
diameter hollow core enhances liveliness. Fine-cut tentacles
are soft, supple yet durable. Tentacles quiver nervously
like real fish fins even when standing still. Twenty
tentacles greatly increase surface area of the tail for more
vibration and noise as each tentacle wriggles. Erratic
spiral action on the fall. Tails stand up and flare out on
bottom. Hop it, and it shifts unpredictably from side to
side as it settles back down. Hesitant, lazy wavering action
on a horizontal glide or pendulum fall. Elusive dart and
hesitation when jigged. Reacts to every swirl or surge in
current. Dropshot, splitshot or jig them on light line for
that touch of finesse. Super sight fishing. Texas rig on
heavy flippin' sticks in the thickest cover. Power fish deep
with heavy gear using the latest one ton torpedo tubin'
tactics. Available in two sizes. Sixteen hot colors.


Two new Yamamoto tube bait colors:
33-10-09 3.5" Translucent Pearl White
34-10-09 4.5" Translucent Pearl White
33-10-44 3.5" Watermelon w/Purple & Chartreuse
34-10-44 4.5" Watermelon w/Purple & Chartreuse

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Being an Inside Line Magazine subscriber pays off again!
When you read the Inside Line magazine, you not only get the
best bass fishing articles from the best bass writers, you
just may get other good stuff like SPRO Chug Minnows too!

A number of lucky readers have been chosen at random to
receive a Chug Minnow topwater, courtesy of SPRO Corporation
in Kennesaw, Georgia.

If you are among the lucky ones, you will have gotten your
SPRO Chug Minnow in the mail by now.

Weighing 3/8 oz. and 3.5-inches long, this lure will dart
from side to side as it pops and spits water. The bait's
realistic fish head has opened gill flaps so that water is
channeled out the sides. With a lifelike body shape and
finish, the Chug Minnow is aerodynamic for far casts. Armed
with the finest Gamamakatsu black nickel EWG trebles.

Please join me to thank Kentaro Hara and Paul Michele of
SPRO Corporation for the Chug Minnows.

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