Custom Baits Set for Europe
Story by Russ Bassdozer

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits will be exhibiting at EFFTEX, the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibit in Rome, Italy on the 13th to 15th of June. If you will plan to attend EFFTEX, please stop by our booth to talk. Thank you.

One of the biggest names in North American soft baits, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, is looking to increase sales and marketing of its products across Europe in 2008.

The company offers a full line of many different soft plastic lures for all kinds of fresh and saltwater species across Europe.

In the USA, Canada and Mexico, the company is best known for the Yamamoto Senko. North American experts ranging from top pros to magazine editors, writers, fishing guides and many ordinary anglers believe the Yamamoto Senko just may be the best largemouth and smallmouth bass lure of all time.

Japan is another country where Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits has a good reputation.

"There are so many soft plastic baits in the Japanese market, yet Yamamoto plastics have always been the best sellers," says Hirokazu Kawabe, head of Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits's division in Japan.

"We try to impress upon anglers the key points of GYB baits. Those are, material, design, color, function, and we teach how to use them. Once anglers know all this, when the anglers understand that only Yamamoto can offer such high quality baits, then they pick GYB baits from among the many other plastic baits available to them in Japan. So we hope our fellow anglers in Europe will also learn about and choose Yamamoto baits for their fishing success," says Kawabe.

Joan Arnal of Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits's division in Spain adds, "Our baits are the secret to success for North American fishermen and in Japan where Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits baits work so great for bass. However, the black bass isnít present in many countries across Europe. So we plan to underline the effectiveness of our baits in particular for zander, pike, trout and saltwater fish like sea bass. Shopkeepers and fishermen will soon discover that Yamamoto manufactures some of the the best soft baits in the world for the aforementioned species."

Paolo Vannini, head of Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits's division in Italy, agrees. "Joan is 100% right. Bass fishing is popular (but still not the main fishing style) in Italy, Spain, Portugal and parts of France, for example. The other freshwater and saltwater species that Joan listed are of major interest to shopkeepers in all European countries. So why not give them a chance for all these other species? You'll find they do work."

Vannini adds an interesting anecdote. "An associate of mine in the Netherlands, he just gave some of our Yamamoto swimbaits to a quite famous walleye angler with the promise to use them in his next tournament. This guy did it and he won the tournament. All the other anglers went crazy trying to guess what he used to beat them. He said of course, Yamamoto baits and everybody went mad looking for them, because they did not have them."

"We will be at EFFTEX in Rome in June, and we hope we meet you there. We'd like you to see what we have to offer for European anglers," says Larry Evans, head of sales and marketing at Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits' main offices in the USA.

For more information on Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, please contact Larry Evans in the USA by phone at 928-645-2248.