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Russ Bassdozer

Russ Bassdozer, Page, AZ

Since joining Gary Yamamoto's corporate headquarters, Russ Bassdozer has taken Gary Yamamoto's WEEKLY NEWS publication from zero to over 60,000 subscribers. In just three short years, that rivals and exceeds the subscriber base of many long-established fishing publications in print today. Plus he's Yamamoto's Advertising Director.

"At Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, we make good bait, but it is only the information and confidence how best to use it that makes our good baits better...for you!  In a nutshell, that's what the WEEKLY NEWS is all about: information, confidence...and you," says Bassdozer.

The WEEKLY NEWS is all about Saturday, the weekend...and that means a whole lot of things. First and foremost, Saturday means sharing fishing with friends. The WEEKLY NEWS is our way to do that, says Bassdozer.

There are a ton of bass fishing web sites and fishing publications out there. We enjoy a more personal, straight forward and down-to-earth manner that allows our readers and visitors to feel privileged. They share a relationship with us and with each other. That is the main objective of the WEEKLY NEWS. In addition, readers get the feeling that this is about Saturday. In that regard it is not only about Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, but it is about fishing and good friends, rods and reels, many fine lures, boats, motors, electronics, and so much more that go into making your next Saturday's fishing trip a memorable experience, says Bassdozer.

Aside from his role as Gary Yamamoto's WEEKLY NEWS editor and Advertising Director, Russ owns Massive Bass Marketing Agency which works with the bass fishing industry's top companies and organizations to help them promote and develop bass fishing products, bass boating, tournaments and sportfishing for bass. He owns Bassdozer Worldwide Bass Fishing, one of the world's most comprehensive and easily-accessible reference resources for bass fishing on the web! As an author of over one thousand insightful bass fishing articles, Russ is the single most widely-read, prolific bass fishing writer on the Internet today.

Bassdozer is proud to have earned a position on Team Yamamoto, Team Mojo, Team MegaStrike, Team HighRoller and Laketown Jigs

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