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Things I Have and You Don't - Show Me the Money

By Pete Robbins

While cleaning out the house this weekend, the Redheaded Wife found a Toyota Texas Bass Classic money clip, one of the many gifts we received from the PAA for working the TTBC at Lake Fork in 2008. Unfortunately for me, it came loaded with about the same amount of money that is currently sitting in the PAA treasury. That’s a shame, because a lot of good people spent many hours trying to make the idea of an organization for anglers, by anglers, come to fruition. It may still do so, and right now it seems that the vehicle by which it is most likely to occur is MLF. Still, while I know that the PAA had many faults, it seems like the pie-in-the-sky aspect of the organization (and I mean that non-ironically in the best possible way) is lost to history.