Live Oak Plantation

The Live Oak Experience

By Pete Robbins

I’ve been so crushed trying to get back on track after last week’s media event that I haven’t had time to digest the experience that I enjoyed. It’s always great to get a chance to fish with the Elite Series pros, no matter where that takes place, but it’s even better if it’s on a great body of water. We were fortunate to visit Live Oak Plantation in Adel, Georgia, where they don’t just have one great body of water – they have nine of ‘em.

What made it especially cool is that the lakes were so varied. You could launch your boat into shallow cypress-studded water in the morning and a few hours later head to another one up the road that was loaded with grass mats. If that didn’t suit your fancy after a while, there were deeper, clearer lakes. Some had boat ramps, in some you had to slide a $70,000 boat off the bank, and still others required walking the bank. That latter mode of transportation was no impediment, though, as you can see by the nearly 9 pound beast that Elite Rookie Adrian Avena caught on a Roman Made Swimbait directly behind the lodge.

Honestly, if I lived there I don’t think I’d ever go back to public water again. Color me #spoiled.

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