Flat Matt

Some Like it Flat

By Pete Robbins

March 30, 2016

While reading Fishing Tackle Retailer on the plane last week, I came across a blurb about this new product from Westin, a Danish tackle company I did not previously know. It’s the aptly named Flat Matt (not to be confused with their other products – for real – like Mike the Pike, Percy the Perch, Tommy the Trout and Platypus Suspending).

According to the “Where to Buy” button on their website, it’s not yet available in US tackle stores, but if you have a contact in Latvia, Finland or Lithuania, you might be able to get the jump on the competition before bed fishing ends for the year on your local waters.

Yes, I know it’s a flounder, but if you think a beaver-style bait glides subtly around a bed, I’m sure that Flat Matt will put the best of them to shame. At 14 ounces, it may take a pretty hefty stick to flip it into the nest, but with a single 10/0 hook you’ll want to be able to drive steel through the mouths of the biggest bass you find. It’s not that far outside of the realm of possibilities – we’ve seen 7 inch tubes, 16 inch worms and swimbaits as long as your leg – why not a 9 inch flat face? If you see one of the big bass freaks like Ish or Roumbanis or Velvick flinging one this year, don’t be surprised.

I'm ordering one in every color, but I fully expect "Glowing Plaice" or "Fancy Cola Cacao" to work best around here.