Jersey Turnpike, Exit 2


Once I’d made the decision to cross over to the dark side and rock the clown shirt, there was no reason to stop with just one. I needed a second, and truth be told there was an outside chance that I’d end up with three. I’d committed to the wolf fish, and the logical next choice seemed to be one sporting an image of a peacock bass, the fish that had brought me to Brazil in the first place and will most likely bring me back again.

The Sucuri Pesca tackle store had several peacock (aka “tucunare”) models to choose from and the one that caught my eye happened to have their logo on it. It also featured an anaconda and a giant catfish, so I’ve got that going for me.

The intent wasn’t to advertise for them or to promote their service. They don’t really seem to need my help – each time I’ve been in the lure-packed 20x30 shop they’ve had wall-to-wall customers, each vying for some space in front of key pegs and shelves. On the other hand, if smaller Brazilian fishing shops are imperiled like smaller American outlets, then I’ll do whatever I can to keep them afloat. Having seen the Manaus opera house and fish market, I don’t need to go back, and it would be painful to spend a day in the city without the promise of a big lure purchase.