Ugly Vibrating Jigs Need Love, Too


I’ve had the same vibrating jig on the deck of my boat since about the end of May. I may have retied once or twice, and I’ve gone through a handful of trailers, but other than that it’s the exact same bait. It’s caught quite a few bass, more snakeheads than I can recall, a couple of perch and two overaggressive blue catfish. I’ve certainly gotten my five buck investment back in multiples, and it’s probably due to be retired, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I have more confidence in this one lure than any other of its type that I’ve ever owned.

I’m convinced part of that is because not only does it thump harder than any other model I’ve used before, but also because it “hunts.” I’ll watch it coming back straight through the Potomac’s grassbeds, when all of a sudden it shoots off to the side and then returns to center. I can’t confirm that triggers strikes, but the proof would seem to be in its numbers. Normally by this time of year I’ve caught many more swim jig fish than Chatterbait fish, but this year the numbers are substantially reversed.

The other element that I believe is making a difference is the old-style flat rubber skirt. River rats in the Mid-Atlantic region and in Louisiana swear by ‘em, but every time I post a picture of this hideous bait on social media someone comments about the flat rubbers – it’s been derogatorily referred to as being “from the 80s,” “a tourist rig,” and “something only a Yankee would throw.” Keep up the barbs, boys, and I’ll keep the remaining stock of flat rubber to myself.

They won’t have the skirt to push around much longer, though, because as you can see from the picture it’s mostly gone. I’ll replace it when I have to, but I’m holding out as long as I can. I don’t intend to repaint the jig head – despite the fact that all of that knocking has pretty much created a bald spot on the front. At this point, the only thing that’ll lead me to hang it up completely is when the hook gets irreparably bent or I wear a hole in the blade where the swivel attaches. Come to think of it, I better retie.