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Lake Picachos is a fishery where you’ll raise eyebrows if you catch a hundred a day – not because you’ve done something special, but rather because you’ve lowered the camp average. It takes 200 a day to really impress someone who knows the score, and even then it’s not like you’ve set records.

Hanna and I first fished Picachos in May of 2014, before it officially opened and it was where she caught her biggest fish, a 9 pound 12 ounce bug-eyed freak. I don’t know if it was a brood stock fish from elsewhere, or one that had gone Hulk since the lake was impounded just 5 years earlier. It doesn’t matter – now there are a whole lot more in that class, and the numbers haven’t dwindled a bit.

I made it back to Picachos earlier this year, but the redhead hasn’t been there since 2015, and while she’s managed six or seven other 9-plus-pounders, she still hasn’t hit double digits. I have a feeling her time is coming, and with Picachos really peaking, we’re both convinced that we need to be in Mexico as often as possible. Thus she twisted my arm to make a quick trip down in early November. Otherwise, after missing the recent El Salto sojourn, I would’ve gone from February of 2019 until January of 2020 without crossing the border. That just seems wrong.

I think she still has a room or two in our group, so if you’d like to go – especially if you’ve always been hesitant to fish Mexico and need a seasoned little redheaded general to help you understand the ropes, hit her up at Unless you hate icy 7 oz beers, 18 ounce steaks, big bass and bleeding thumbs, you owe it to yourself.