Le Grande Orange


I made an order during the Tackle Warehouse Memorial Day sale not necessarily because I needed anything, but rather because failure to do so would break a longstanding streak and would effectively amount to sacrilege.

Most of the items that arrived were either meant to restock a depleted resource or to supplement my existing stash. Because of my addiction, it’s pretty tough to find something that I don’t already have. The ultimate prize in this heavy spend wasn’t altogether revolutionary, but it was something that I’d never seen before: an ALL ORANGE buzzbait.

When it comes to buzzbaits, historically I’ve stayed with shad patterns, although in recent years I’ve relied heavily on a black-skirted Crock-O-Gator with a gold blade. I once owned one with a bubblegum-colored skirt and a matching blade, although the paint eventually chipped off, turning it into a mottled and unappealing mess.

Orange, though — that was totally new. Even at the lofty price of $8.49 (minus the 15% holiday discount), I knew that the tackle industry is dependent on people like me to keep fringe products alive. Failure to purchase would have been a derogation of duty.

So, now I have it, and while my black/gold go-to is still tied on, I’m prepared in case my local bass population ever starts feeding on koi or invades a newly-flooded field of carrots. I just hope that I have it in the boat if either of those situations happens to arise.