A Natural Gas Disaster


The last gas station that you pass on the way to Leesylvania State Park, the Potomac River boat ramp that I use most often, is called Wawa. I stop there probably 90% of the times that I fish the river, either to get gas (lowest price in the area), ice, one of their excellent sandwiches, or sometimes all three.

I thought I had the world by the short hairs this weekend: Friday off from work, a Monday holiday, and a normal two-day weekend in between. Eighty degree temperatures. Minimal writing to complete. Wife out of the country. This was going to be a banner four days for me — and probably for Wawa stockholders, too, if my past spending habits were any indication of things to come.

Friday morning I dropped Hanna off at work, went home, hooked up the boat and headed for the ramp. I didn’t need boat or vehicle gas, but planned to stop in at the Wawa anyway to grab coffee and breakfast, and then leisurely make my way to the river. In fact, I didn’t even need to plan it, because my non-autonomous vehicle can’t help but pull left into the parking lot when I get there.

Unfortunately, I got the rug got pulled out from under me.

It was a “Sorry, folks. Wally World is closed” moment. Screeching needle across the LP at the Dexter Lake Club. Caught stealing, inning over.

The place was closed for remodeling.

I won’t say it ruined my day, because I ended up having a fine time on the river, but man did it kill my rhythm. I could’ve backtracked to the 7-11 up the street, but I didn’t need food or ice as much as I needed routine. On Saturday at least I stopped on the way home to get gas, but it wasn’t quite the same. It’s all about that morning stop.

I don’t really know what sort of remodeling the place needed. It looked perfectly functional and modern to me. All I can hope is that the process goes quickly and that it’ll be worth the wait.