20/20 on the 2020 Classic


B.A.S.S. has not yet announced the site of the 2020 Bassmaster Classic, but it doesn't matter if it's held on the Dead Sea, in the Arctic Ocean, or if take-off occurs from a Bridge on the River Kwai — it's going to be big.

So big that they'll have to make a "30 for 30" about it.

So big that anyone who makes it to the Super Six will get automatic entry into Jay Z's "40/40 club."

How, you ask, will it be bigger than ever, especially with big names like KVD, Ike and Skeet Reese all outside the field of competitors for the first time since "Doogie Howser, M.D." was still on the air? 

Well, that's exactly the point. The competition — wherever they fish — will be stout, but it will be supplemented by the unprecedented cast of legends at the accompanying Expo. Fishing fans from all over the world are going to get to rub elbows with a huge number of pros who were previously inaccessible on game day.

Now I suppose that the folks at BPT could attempt to limit their pros' exposure or attendance at the Classic. If they really wanted to burn bridges and take a stand, they could try to ban them from attending. That won't fly, though. First off, lots of their anglers are contractually obligated to work such events if they're not competing. Even if they weren't, do you think their sponsors are going to excuse them from participating in the biggest consumer-facing event of the year?

Of course, the final numbers may vary based on geography and weather, but if B.A.S.S. plays their cards right, this year's announced total attendance of 153,800 will get left behind. Far behind.