Peace on Earth


We’ve reached peak velocity in the professional fishing world, with all three major tours holding events this week on three distinctly different venues – a TVA grass lake full of monsters, a southern smallmouth impoundment, and a massive river system that demands game day strategy as much as fishing skill. The only thing that had the potential to make it more awkward would be if two of them had shown up on the same lake to go head-to-head with one another.

But you know what? It’s remarkably quiet. Fans seems to either no longer care about the Tour One vs. Tour Two vs. Tour Three interspecies battle for intergalactic supremacy. FaceSpace has mostly respectful messages and the message board messengers are generally talking about the tournaments themselves, if they’re discussing them at all.

It’s a weird kind of détente after an offseason where every NostaVanDamus on earth was predicting the end of one entity or the other.

Or maybe they’re all just fishing, because it seems to be pretty good just about everywhere (sorry Minnesotans who are about to experience a near Tax Day blizzard).

I kind of like it.

Pick your tour or follow all three.

Root for your favorite angler.

Enjoy the sounds of livewell pumps — or not.

Or take up golf.

Your choice.

This is all supposed to be fun. I take it more seriously than most, and I devote tons of time to thinking and writing about it, but even I don’t have the bandwidth or inclination to be anything but satisfied right now.