My Trophy Case Grows


I’ve written previously about the thrill I experienced a couple of years ago when I was first published in Field & Stream, the magazine that truly lit a fire under my desire to fish as a 9 year old kid.

Now, two years later, they’ve published me several more times, including a feature in the current issue entitled “Million Dollar Lures” about the single bait or category of bait that has produced the largest percentage of winnings for eight top pros. As one of the few remaining iconic newsstand magazines, F&S remains the pinnacle opportunity for a writer like me, and when you see the gold-dipped lures they photographed you’ll be convinced that no other publication could’ve made the piece look so good.

That feature is on page 30, but I’m equally proud of the coverage on page 8, where editors Colin Kearns and Joe Cermele elected me to be the featured contributor of the month and allowed me to answer a few questions about the state of bass fishing.

Honestly, I don’t think I’m particularly good at tooting my own horn (you may disagree), but to be recognized for my passion and my purported expertise represents one of the highlights of my career as a writer. There have been several such achievements in recent years — being named a Senior Writer at B.A.S.S., joining the Board of Directors of the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame, and now this — and I wouldn’t want to be forced to choose one over the others. Nevertheless, this is a huge deal to me. Some 9 year old kid across the world, or a businessman getting on a plane to head to a boring meeting, or someone in a hospital dreaming of getting back to the outdoors, is going to spend a few minutes reading the piece, and I might open their eyes or transport them to their favorite lake.

Honestly, when I started scratching this itch by writing a little, I never envisioned that it would be more than a way to pay for boat gas and crankbaits, but it has become so much more. I know that in most cases the articles shouldn’t be about me. That’s fine, I’m thrilled when anyone recognizes how much I truly care about fishing and every time I see my name in print. Nevertheless, for big dogs like F&S to give me this kind of space more than once is my version of winning the Bassmaster Classic.