Like Kissing Your Sister?


The March 2nd Bass Champs event on Lake Fork ended with two teams in a tie for first place. Justin Woodard and Robert Smith weighed in a single bass for 10.28 pounds. Scott Barnett and Brian Clark weighed in five that totaled that same amount.

Apparently it was a brutal weather day, and while the teams were given the option to head back out they elected to call it a draw and each take $12,750, rather than one of them taking $20,000 and the other the remainder.

I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of that happening before. B.A.S.S. has had several fish-offs. I recall one at the TTBC. I’ve never heard of them at the local level, but I’ve never heard of a tie, either.

Sitting here in front of the keyboard, it would be easy for most of us to say that we would’ve rolled the dice and gone back out, hoping to take home the bigger prize. Football coaches who try to tie a game at the end of regulation by kicking rather than going for two are often pilloried. We revel in phrases like “no guts, no glory” or “going for all the marbles” or “pushing all my chips to the center of the table.” But when you’re cold, and you stand a very real chance of ending up with a net gain of seven grand less, the decision is a little tougher.

I’m not going to put down those four guys. The only one I’ve met is Brian Clark, and to be quite honest based on what I know I would’ve expected the former bull rider to demand a fish-off. But I wasn’t there. And it’s not my bank account. And they still kicked the crap out of over two hundred other teams, most of whom weighed in nothing and took home no cash. They’re entitled to make whatever choices they want.