Subcontinental Craws


My friend Tej was trained in at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in India in the art of jewelry design, and that continues to be his bread and butter. Fortunately for those of us who don’t care about baubles and wearable bling, he has turned his time-off attention to a far more noble (albeit likely less lucrative) pursuit: Airbrushing crankbaits.

If I didn’t think they kicked ass, I wouldn’t take time or space to write anything about his paint jobs, but they are truly some of the best craw patterns I’ve seen. Look, I’m no expert – I don’t know if the perfect ridges matter, or if you need 3/4 of an inch of red on the throat versus 5/8 of an inch – but I know plenty of people (ahem, all you Table Rock guys) who swear by specific baits with specific paint jobs that have to be P-E-R-F-E-C-T, so who am I to argue? The attention to detail is amazing.

If you have huddled masses of crankplugs yearning to breathe free – or at least look better – I highly recommend his services. Look him up at TJ Custom Baits before his waiting list gets too long.