Things I Have and You Don't -- Powdered Sugar


For the better part of a decade I’ve been bugging Yamamoto VP of Operations Ron Colby for a range of new products and soft plastic colors, some of which I’m surprised he hasn’t adopted and others of which I’ve realized I shouldn’t mention anymore.

Through some combination of forgetfulness, pity, and perhaps mind-altering medication, he finally agreed to produce something that I think will be absolutely deadly – a 5-inch Senko in Junebug (#213) with a blue tail. It’s not just any blue tail, though. Some might call it “baby blue,” but I like to think of it as “powder blue.” Back when I was first getting into bass fishing in the 1980s and 1990s, it was a common color for tails and claws on soft plastics like gator-tail worms and salt craws. In my section of the mid-Atlantic, it was often seen on 4- and 5-inch ringworms, usually with a black or black grape body.

I caught a lot of fish on them (unlike the other regional staple, a brown ringworm with an orange tail, which pretty much produced nothing for me), and then they went away. While I’ve been successful across the country with color #523 (black blue flake with a blue tip), that blue is darker and bolder than the powdered version. I believe that this blue represents the tint that we frequently see on the crabs that populate rivers like the Potomac and the James. Combined with Junebug, a color that is a longtime favorite in tidal and/or tannic water, it should be deadly.

Now, thanks to Ron and production manager Danny Berndt, I’ve got ‘em, and I’ve got ‘em all to myself.

That leaves me with a conundrum: Do I want to go the Steve Kennedy route and keep this as a Pete-only product, giving me at least a minor mental advantage over others on the waters that I fish? That’s tempting, but it’s also a bucket list item of mine to have a bait color named after me. There’s no guarantee that Ron will OK that additional request if they bring it into production, but it might be worth the trouble. I’m not even asking for a royalty deal, just my name in lights.