Two Turntables and a Flipping Stick


In the early years of bass fishing, the pros were accompanied by both kinds of music – country and western – but as a new generation entered the fold, and their geographical footprint broadened, so too did their tunes.

Mike Iaconelli’s breakdancing was controversial and highly-talked-about at the time, but by the time Skeet and then Marty Robinson decided to dance on stage the path had been pretty well cleared for “alternatives.”

That included hip hop.

Here are the 10 greatest acts in Fish-Hop history:

·        Ott D by Nature (say it out loud)

·        Bone Suggs-n-Harmony

·        Run KVD

·        2 Live Crews

·        Stetson-Sonic

·        Beastie Boyd (who starred in the film adaptation of “Boyd n the Hood”)

·        OutCast

·        Tyler Carriere the Creator

·        House of Lane (not much Jumping Around edition)


And my personal favorite

·        The Woo Tang Clan -- Picture the 2000 Classic winner rocking “36 (Ed) Chambers” and try not to crack a smile.

Easy E for Edwin Evers is already in play, so we’ll give Honorable Mentions to Slick Rick Clunn and Kenyon Cypress Hill.

Feel free to suggest your own.