A Toe Dip in the Enthusiasts' Pool


For many years, the crew at TackleTour.com have been a guiding light for many of my tackle purchases. Because I’m not yet ready to get up close and personal with Robin Leach, I’ve managed to exercise a considerable amount of restraint. I have a beautiful bright yellow Daiwa Pixy finesse baitcasting reel from Japan (converted into a PixZilla by Cal) and one swimbait that retails for over a hundred bones (it was a gift), but otherwise, most of my gear resides in what I consider a zone of financial reasonableness.

I have experimented with a few rods from the Megabass Orochi XX lineup, which are costly by conventional standards, but really not that much more than many of the sticks I own from manufacturers like G.Loomis. Nevertheless, when I saw the new Destroyer USA Series up close, I couldn’t resist. Retailing for about four hundred dollars, I opted for their 7’6” XXH “Valdivia,” a rod with the backbone of a flipping stick but the right tip for throwing a frog over matted vegetation.

It’s almost too pretty to fish, with a custom reel seat, and all sorts of little JDM touches, but fortunately I got past that mental hurdle and it has served me very well over the past month, through the heart of frog season around here. I find that it’s often the first rod that I pick up, not just because I love throwing a frog and a buzzbait (it excels there, too, as Tackle Tour advised), but also because it’s so tailor made to those techniques. I’m sure that there are other things it does very well that I’ve yet to discover.

While I’m thrilled to have it in the arsenal, I’m a little bit scared, too. This could be the gateway into a very expensive habit.