Looking Past La Crosse


If you’ve watched enough Bassmaster weigh-ins, surely you’ve seen someone weigh in a decent bag of fish, and before the applause dies down he says “But wait until you see the bag the guy behind me has.”

Right now in my mind La Crosse is that first guy, and Oahe is the one in waiting – and I kind of feel bad for La Crosse.

Nothing against the good people of Wisconsin – they’ve hosted some incredible tournaments and I love Spotted Cow beer – but I have a feeling that they’re about to put on an incredible tournament and then get immediately upstaged by the one behind them. This week’s Elite event on the Mississippi River iss likely to be a fish-catching free-for-all, but Oahe is going to turn some heads.

From what I’ve heard, these may be the most unpressured, dumbest, most eager to bite bass of any type in Elite Series history. The stories onstage are going to be epic – whether it’s catching them two at a time, or how many casts in a row an angler can get bit. I love new venues whether they’re good, bad or average, but I just have a feeling that despite the lake’s relative isolation this one’s going to pay off big time for the Chamber of Commerce.