I Tawt I Taw a Thurface Thrike


On Facebook, the website from which all knowledge stems, I recently found the page of Australia’s Barambah Lures. They make all sorts of lifelike creations, but I was particularly captivated by their parakeet imitators. Of course, we’ve all seen “Tweety” colored frogs, we recall when AMart got on the redwing blackbird bite a few years ago at Havasu, and the Savage Gear duck won all kinds of awards, but that’s more or less where the birdage ends – as far as I know, no pigeons, Canada geese, or great blue heron replicas exist in anyone’s tackle box.

I’ve got to get one of these before my next trip to the Amazon. It’ll make a killer picture to see an imitation house pet in the mouth of a peacock, an arowana or a payara. Of course the California boys will probably clamor for one the size and shape of a macaw, but I’ll be satisfied with this more modest fine feathered friend.