Peter Piper Picked a Peck


In 25 years of riding around in bass boats, I’ve seen all sorts of meals brought on board. Of course, there have been thousands of packs of Nabs and hundreds of cans of properly-aged Vienna Sausages. There’s been at least three Herefords worth of beef jerky and a gross of Pop Tarts. I’ve seen a partner eat Chinese food (with a spork) out of one of those little folding takeout containers, and I’ve witnessed another place a half rack of ribs on his butt seat for easy access.

But until Saturday, I had never seen a red pepper.

My wife Hanna and I were fishing a popular grass bed on the Potomac. We’d caught a few fish, the temperatures were rising and all was right in the world. As I continued to cast, she ducked into the cooler and came out with a Ziploc bag full of cut up vegetables….and one whole red pepper.

Well, not exactly whole. She’d taken the time the night before to cut off the stem and flush out the seeds and ribs, so the epidermis was there, but the guts were not. She fished it out of the bag, held it up to her face and proceeded to eat that sucker like an apple. 

It was odd, to be sure, but I can’t really question her judgment or the results. She’s dropped 30 pounds since November with those sorts of unorthodox choices while I’m about two Little Debbies away from a trip to Dr. Nowzaradan. I think her choice requires too much prior preparation to ever suit my fishing style, but it at least opened my eyes to the possibility.