Maybe I’m a little bit too obsessed with form over function, but I’m continually surprised by people who will spend $60,000 or more on a new boat, pick the colors more carefully than they choose a spouse, and then skimp on vessel numbers. I see it all the time -- a gleaming new hunk of fiberglass with blocky solid black or white numbers, or non-matching fonts straight off the Wal-Mart pegboard. 

On my past several boats I’ve invested in numbers from Iguana Grafix in Florida. For a color-blind or color-challenged individual like myself, Darryl’s skill at matching colors is a godsend. Furthermore, he offers good suggestions on fonts and the service is top notch. I emailed him on a Monday morning, got a response a few hours later, and the numbers arrived two days later. They came with instructions so precise and so simple, that even a caveman like me could get it right. 

There’s no kickback here. I pay retail just like everyone else. Just a PSA aimed at keeping you stylish on the pond.