A Guest in My Own House

Of the five boats I’ve sold, three have ended up at least 300 miles from home. I never saw four of them again in person. The fifth I sold to my friend Rick Jerman, who I’ve known since 1995 and who lives about 20 minutes away.

Ex-boats are like ex-girlfriends – no matter how much you loved them at the time, as a general rule it’s better never to see them or speak to them again. Little good can come from any interaction.

Despite that caveat, I was thrilled that Rick invited me to spend the weekend fishing out of what was, until October, MY BOAT, and my favorite one at that. While it wasn’t easy or natural to get out of the seat and head to the back deck instead of toward the trolling motor, I did catch one last 5-pounder. More importantly, I know that the boat is in good hands, and I also know that it’s a good platform for a co-angler.

I’m sure I’ll see it again many times, and I already have a twinge of regret that I did not reorder this particular color combo or the Bass Sport wheels. It’s time to move on but one last dance was a welcome benefit.