Wrap Stars


As year 13 of the Elite Series experiment commences, BASS has once again offered up one of my favorite photo galleries of the year, full side shots of all of the competitors’ boat wraps. Not many surprises – mostly endemics, related non-endemics, and related fields like oilfield supply companies – not a Tinder-themed boat in the mix, nor is there one touting the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

I have to give the anglers credit. The horrific wraps that were prevalent circa 2006 through 2008, the ones that were just a word salad on vinyl, tough to read from anything more than 10 feet away, are mostly gone. They’ve mostly been replaced by wraps that tout a title sponsor, or a couple of them, clearly and concisely whether the boat is on the water or on the trailer. Where appropriate, smaller logos and emblems are placed strategically, and for the guys who make it onto TV, BASS Live or the photo gallery, they should pay off handsomely – nothing like an under-the-livewell-lid placement to coincide with a moment of success. There are of course a few outliers, but now they’re in the minority.

I just want BASS to bring back the “Best Wrap Running” contest. It could be a part of a series of contests, held either just before or just after the “Best Elite Facial Hair” competition (aka, the Shaw Grigsby Invitational).