You've Been Spotted


Just about every vacation is an opportunity to cram in a little fishing, even if that’s not the trip’s primary purpose. That means it would be sacrilege to head to the annual Bass Fishing Hall of Fame dinner and not find a way to wet a line. Fortunately my good friends Chad Morgenthaler and Dave Mansue, both past winners with B.A.S.S., live in the vicinity and were willing to get me on the water for a couple of days.

One great thing about Table Rock is that it has all three major species of bass (Dave also caught a walleye on our day together). My redheaded wife Hanna has caught plenty of largemouths and smallmouths, but no spots. I don’t know what our guides were expecting, but she made it clear that she’d rather be on the water than shopping with the ladies.

Unfortunately for her, she’s used to heavy tackle, so when the first spot grabbed her dropshot she reared back on him like she had 65-pound braid instead of 6 pound fluoro. I wasn’t there, but Chad said that she threw her whole body into it as you would to dredge a 10-pounder out of the thickest mat, and luckily the line had just enough stretch in 35 feet of water to absorb her He-Man moment. After that, she settled down a bit, and we both enjoyed our first opportunity to “video game” fish that we saw on the graph. While they weren’t huge, they were mean and plentiful little boogers, and it was the most fun I’ve had bass fishing in a long time. She agreed, and we’re already planning a return trip next year.

Now I need to tell her about Bullard’s Bar and the Coosa River.