Slipping + Sliding = Winning


Ever since soft plastic ribbed swimbaits took over space in anglers’ tackle boxes previously reserved for swim jigs, spinnerbaits and vibrating jigs, we’ve been looking for ways to increase hooking and landing percentages. Countless trips to Home Depot, Lowe’s and a variety of craft shops have produced solutions involving rivets, sewing needles and other items not normally used for baitmaking.

All along we should’ve been looking inside of Bill Lowen’s head.

Lowen, through his sponsor Lure Parts Online, has developed the Slip Shad Jig, a natural-looking screw-in weight that lines up perfectly with most soft swimbaits from 3- to 6-inches. What’s brilliant about this one is that you thread your line through the head, pull it out the back and tie it to a treble hook. Then you put one tine of the hook into the back of your hook and the other two protrude. Not only is it much more efficient in hooking bass than any solution I’ve seen before, but because the treble is on the back of the lure instead of its belly, it is substantially much more snag-resistant. Furthermore, when the weight slides up the line away from a hooked fish, your landing percentage goes up.

It’s available in six colors and five sizes from 1/8 to ½ ounce.

The only people who are going to be mad about this one are the companies who manufacture swimbaits, because they’ll last a lot longer than with other rigging techniques.

I don’t get anything for posting this – I just like landing the fish that I hook, and I dislike spending money on swimbaits unnecessarily.