Hold the Phone


Anyone who’s known me for a long time knows that I am not a particularly adept or enthusiastic telephone conversationalist. In spite of that fact, I have two jobs that require me to spend multiple hours on the phone each day – first, discussing my clients’ legal issues, and second, talking to anglers from all over the world about tournament results, fisheries and techniques. You can probably guess which one of the two I tolerate better, but truth be told I don’t always enjoy the fish talk, either. Some aspect of undiagnosed ADD or social anxiety always gets the better of me and I feel an urge to end the conversation. If I had the option to conduct my whole life by email and text, with the occasional in-person conversation, I’d have to think pretty seriously about taking the offer.

That’s an added bonus of my time in Mexico and Brazil and Africa and other pseudo off the grid spots – no time or ability to get on the horn and shoot the breeze. I suppose that if I wanted to be reachable that I could, because there are satellite phones and international calling plans and other such options, but I’d much rather leave an outgoing greeting that says “I have no access to voicemail, so leave a message and I’ll get back to you upon my return.”

I promise I’ll get back to you, simply because I’m wired not to leave a contact hanging in the wind, but I can’t guarantee it’ll be by phone. Sometimes a text is enough, especially as I slowly adapt back to the wired world.