Hecho en Mexico -- One Rod Todd


If I had a sister, I’d want her to be like Michelle Skelley Ashford. She’s smart, funny, and occasionally drinks a Bloody Mary for breakfast. Most importantly, she gifted her sister Lisa a trip to El Salto last year. That’s a good sibling.

The two of them came back again last week, and once again they absolutely crushed the bass. That’s not so surprising for Lisa, who fished the WBT and landed a 9-pounder on each trip to Mexico, but it is for Michelle, who until last year hadn’t fished much, and had not landed a bass over 2 pounds. That changed pretty quickly as she caught two over 8.

So what’s the secret of her success? It’s fidelity to a single lure – the 6-inch watermelon red Senko, rigged wacky style. Last year I felt like a crack dealer as she approached me each morning at breakfast to ask for a few more. This year they came stocked better than a Bass Pro Shops, bag upon bag upon bag of salty soft bait goodness.

Michelle was happy to not to kick a winning horse, and although we encouraged her to try other lures, she stayed faithful to the one that brought her to the dance. No crankbaits. No spinnerbaits. No swimbaits. In order to make some slight headway, we told her she should at least try a different color, but she adamantly refused. Watermelon red was her ride or die.

On the final day Lisa did convince her generous sister to stray with a Chatterbait for a short while, and even though it too produced bass, it took her far outside of her comfort zone. She headed back to watermelon red. At least she doesn’t have to give a lot of thought to packing.