We Must Protect This House


When I bought my house, I was single. The only thing I really cared about was having a garage big enough to house a bass boat. The place could’ve had no bathroom and no kitchen, but if it had acceptable boat protection it was in the running.

That’s been the status quo for 14 years, with my wife Hanna living here for the last 13. While she’s encroached slightly on the man cave, with various yard implements and other knickknacks taking up space, the basic rule remains the same – cars outside, boat inside. Every four years, when I change out boats she has a brief couple of months when her car takes up the preferred spot, but she knows it’s temporary.

That period is now. My 2014 boat left with its new owner on Saturday and my new one is in process. I hope it comes quickly, because while I’m happy to let her stick her car in there for the time being, I don’t want this to become the new normal.