Four Out of Five Doctors


Apparently it is “Pain and Suffering Week” here at Pete Weighs In, because after writing twice about injuries caused and worsened by fishing (see here and here) I am headed north to St. Clair to chase muskies for the second time in a month. Significantly, we won’t be trolling or throwing little spinners or utilizing bass-caliber gear – instead we’ll be throwing big rubber baits that start at about three-quarters of a pound on nine foot rods and 400-sized Shimano reels.

Actually, that’s what I’ll be using. The guys I’ll be fishing with will likely be throwing “Pounders” (16 ounces) or “Two Pounders” (you do the math).

That might not sound tough to you, but try doing it from daylight to dark if you’ve never done it before and see how ambulatory you are at dinner – or if you even want dinner at all. Last time the first day felt great, but by the second afternoon I walked like your great-grandfather.

Think about it this way. A Major League pitcher makes 90 or 100 pitches with a 5 ounce baseball, with breaks after every 15 to 20 throws. Then he leaves the game, showers, sits in a whirlpool, and eats a catered meal after consulting with his nutritionist, his pitching coach, his trainer, his psychological guru and his masseuse. Then they give him four days off, more if there’s a cancellation due to rain. Fishing might not be as directly based on athleticism, but it’s certainly hard in its own way.

Making it even worse, I’m having sinus surgery in a couple of weeks, which means I’m not allowed to take Advil or Aleve on this trip, just Tylenol. I’m hoping for a few fish in the boat, which will quickly take the edge off and anesthetize me against the pain that I know is coming.