Fang Time


I have a lot of tackle, probably more than I could use in three lifetimes across five continents, and yet I keep acquiring more. It’s a drug, one that never fails to give me a high, sometimes more than one, but the thrills rarely sustain themselves. I always need another fix. The recent acquisition that has me flying especially high are some new baits from the Duo Realis “Fang Ops” lineup – they’re made with heavy duty paint jobs, industrial-strength split rings and heavy gauge hooks specifically to endure the freakish skills of nasty gamefish species.

I’ve caught plenty of toothy and destructive fish – everything from the mundane (snakeheads) to the exciting (muskies) to the exotic (all sorts of Amazonian beasts) to the prehistoric (tigerfish), and my lures have the scars, dings and dents to prove it. Some of those lures have been retired, while others remain ready for action because, let’s face it, we all have extra confidence in a lure full of teeth marks.

Although I have no such exotic trips planned any time in the near future, unboxing these Fang Ops products got me dreaming about the day that I’ll chase arapaima or payara or golden dorado in the remote reaches of South America, or maybe 40+ inch pike in the far northern reaches of Canada. Of course a tackle purchase should be utilitarian – it should eventually lead to a fish catch or two – but the best ones make us look forward to a bigger picture, an experience yet to come.