Let Your Fingers Do the Walking


Last week Mike Bucca (AKA, Triton Mike or Bubba Bull Rat), put up a Facebook post asking his friends to identify their “favorite tackle shop and why.”

One hundred seventeen comments later, I’m now aware of a lot of good shops that I’d not previously heard about. It’s not like I’m some Roland-come-lately to this game – I’ve exercised my credit card in tackle stores from Okeechobee to Mille Lacs to the California Delta (but not during my trip to Bay de Noc – you can go bankrupt buying Wally Divers in Escanaba, but you’ll be hard pressed to spend a single dime on bass-specific gear). I’ve been to great shops in Tokyo, Kyoto and Manaus (Brazil) and I’ve spent hours scouring the internet for more places to waste my nephews’ and nieces’ modest inheritance. Nevertheless, I was amazed at how many supposedly great places there are to buy specialized bass gear.

So if this supply (the stores) is out there, and there’s a demand (me) for their services, why isn’t there some central internet guide to their existence, a Yelp or TripAdvisor for tackle junkies, so that when I pull the Family Truckster into some godforsaken place on a business trip or a road trip, I can quietly veer off and indulge the passion? I should be able to fire up my computer or my phone and quickly identify the 12 best places to buy skipping jigs in the Carolinas, the 5 best swimbait shops in central California, and the Mississippi convenience store where the Vienna Sausages have the thickest layer of dust on top of the can.

Mind you, I’m not volunteering to take on this task, but I’d support the hell out of it.