A Blog About Blogs

I’ve blogged in this space since February of 2008, a total of nearly 9 ½ years. I’ve endeavored to provide at least two entries a week, and while I’ve failed to accomplish that on a handful of occasions, those failures are more than offset by the times that I’ve published three, four or even five pieces in a seven day span. That means that I’ve found inspiration on at least a thousand occasions to write something, and I’m sure that I have at least a thousand left in me.

Believe it or not, there are times when I get tired of my own opinions. Well, not so much tired as curious to hear what someone else has to say about the same topics. Message Boards are one such place to look, but they often quickly devolve into sponsor promotion and screaming matches rather than reasoned debate and discussion.

Are there other bass fishing blogs out there?

I apologize if I’ve overlooked one that you write or that you cherish, but I haven’t found any longstanding opinion spots on these and similar topics. Most either die before they start (a “Welcome to My Blog” entry, followed by the sound of crickets), end abruptly (you were blogging so well for all of 2012, then went radio silent), or else are just jumping-off spots for sponsor plugs.

I know that there must be one or more blogs out there that are longstanding, forward looking, and which will challenge me to think about bass fishing in new ways – even if I disagree vehemently. Readers, I’m challenging you to send me some links, either in the comments section below or via Facebook. It doesn’t have to be about tournament fishing per se – if you can find something about music or politics or Siamese cats that will enable me to think about my craft in a new light, I’m all for that, too.