Hot for Kreature

When Yamamoto introduced the Kreature over a decade ago, I was immediately enthralled. It was the perfect size, came in lots of killer colors, and looked sexier than any other plastic in my boat. Most importantly, it caught lots of fish, whether I sought them in buck brush at Buggs Island, under grass and docks on the Potomac, or around pads and cypress knees on the Chickahominy.

Then a strange thing happened – I more or less forgot about it.

Despite having an army of Kreatures in my garage, and knowing that they catch fish everywhere, I’m not sure I’ve used one, let alone caught anything on one, in at least four or five years. As I attempted to make my fishing as simple as possible, I increasingly relied on the Senko for a hugely disproportionate percentage of my casts, and when confronted with thick mats the original smaller Flappin’ Hog became my go-to bait. Meanwhile, the Kreature was squeezed out, no longer featured.

Thinking about that today, I came to the conclusion that it was a mistake. Reducing unnecessary complexity can be a virtue, but simplicity as an end unto itself makes no sense. While I can’t pinpoint particular situations where using the Kreature instead of a Senko or a Flappin’ Hog definitely would’ve resulted in more fish, I feel confident saying that by categorically excluding something that works, I’ve limited my ability to be successful. With that in mind, they’re back in the boat, ready to be rediscovered.