Batting One Thousand

By now many of you have likely seen the Savage Gear 3D Bat, which one the Best Freshwater Hard Lure award at the recently-concluded ICAST trade show. The web and social media have been filled with snickering and criticism about this bait, and perhaps rightfully so, but today I’m here to announce that I fully intend to acquire one.

It won’t be because I think that mini-Draculas constitute a substantial portion of a largemouth or smallmouth’s diet.

It won’t be because I think it’s necessarily spot-on realistic. While I try to keep as far away from living and dead bats as possible, upon first glance this imitator’s face reminds me more of an evil piglet.

It won’t be because I’ve heard from a trusted friend or source that it’s the greatest fish-catcher since the Senko. As far as I know, none of those media folks who voted it into the Winner’s Circle have even fished one yet.

No, it will be because I just want to catch one on a bat. I’m willing to risk the suggested retail price of $20 (for the small one) or $25 (for the bigger one) because the upside is so huge. If I don’t catch anything on it, which seems possible, it will be a waste of cash and time, but that doesn’t differentiate it from any one of the hundreds of non-fish-catchers that I’ve bought in tackle shops from Titusville to Tokyo and that currently populate the pegboard and storage bins in my garage. But if I do catch something on it, I will laugh like an idiot and relive the bite for days, weeks, perhaps even months. I remember the joy that the first catch on a Whopper Plopper or a big swimbait or a 12-inch worm brought me, and I can only assume that the a bat-fooled fish would be all that and then some.