My, What Big Teeth You Have

At Anglers Inn El Salto, the guides fully expect to land every one of the many fish you’ll catch. I don’t really roll like that, so my general rule is to land all fish caught on single-hooked lures myself, unless they are net-worthy, and to leave the vast majority of fish caught on treble hooked lures to them.

Despite that system, I always seem to come home with my thumbs and palms beaten and shredded from the minority that I do land myself or those that I hold up for pictures. 

I’m convinced that it has something to do with the strain of bass that are down there – they simply seem to have more and/or sharper “teeth” than the bass I’ve caught anywhere else. The only fish that have approximated their choppers were those I caught at Falcon, on the Texas/Mexico border.

At both lakes, tilapia constitute a portion of their edibles, so maybe that forage specifically or their diet in general has something to do with it. Or maybe they’re just meaner and gnarlier, junkyard dogs living in an environment where everything has teeth or thorns or prickers and if you’re not biting someone, someone is biting you.