Ten Divided By Two

Since we don’t live on the Tennessee River or some other classic ledge lake, Hanna and I don’t get a lot of chances to catch two fish on one bait on a single cast. I’ve done it once in my life in Virginia, landing two 1-pound non keepers on a Rat-L-Trap while practicing for a tournament at Smith Mountain Lake.

El Salto is a game-changer, though.

When we went in October of 2015, my Fat Free Shad loaded up during a cast, and then the weight went dead. It turned out I had a 3 pounder and one over 6 hooked at the same time, and managed to land both.

On this most recent trip, I did it again, hooking two 4-pounders on a 10XD, although one came off at the boat when our net man went to take a video of it. Hanna had to one up me, though, and she did it twice. While she’s caught six bass over 9 pounds, she’s yet to hit double digits with a single largemouth. Last week, however, she twice landed ten pounds of bass on a single cast. Check out the two in these pictures – a 5-07 and a 4-13 that smoked chartreuse and blue 8XD. The other two ate the 10XD.

Our friend Ray Heredia managed to do even better than that. He caught two at once on a spinnerbait – one on the main hook and one on the trailer hook. While Hanna may be able to replicate her feats in the future, Ray may have found a one cast unicorn.