First Quarter Blitz

Photo courtesy of B.A.S.S.

Photo courtesy of B.A.S.S.

Back in December I wrote a column arguing that the return of David Fritts to B.A.S.S. tour-level competition would be a story to watch in 2017, and then I more or less forgot about it. To be honest, given the Crankmaster’s most recent FLW campaigns, I figured there was a better than even chance that he’d end up as roadkill against the Palaniuks and Jordan Lees of the world. Nothing against the guy, whose credentials more than speak for themselves, and with whom I’ve spent some time in the boat, but this a take-no-prisoners league.

Well, through two events Fritts is more than holding his own.

At Cherokee, where few of us knew what to expect, he finished in the money at 45th.

At Okeechobee, where it’s possible that even the Fritts family didn’t have him on their Fantasy Fishing teams, he was 17th.

The season is still very young and there’s lots of casting left to go. Next up is Toledo Bend, where he’s finished in the money each of the three times he’s fished there with B.A.S.S. More importantly, we’re headed into the post-spawn period of the year on many of the southern impoundments, a fact that should very much work to his advantage. Toledo may be sort of a ‘tweener tournament, with some fish still shallow and others on the outside, but things are moving in a direct line toward his wheelhouse.

I plead forgiveness for any early season doubts, and will watch more carefully going forward.