Things I Have and You Don't -- Sixers

Back at the end of January, I blogged about how impressed I was with the Zappu Blading Pile Driver, a swimbait hook with a small willowleaf blade that paid big dividends for me on a recent trip to Mexico. I expressed some regret, however, that the largest size I could find was 5/0 – even my typical Japanese enablers on eBay didn’t have anything larger.
On Friday night I arrived home to find a package from a dear industry friend containing a number of items, some of them quite expensive, but none more valuable than four packs of these hooks in 6/0. I won’t divulge his name for fear of having him inundated with requests, and also because I want to have first dibs on the next shipment.
This is one of many reasons that it is smart for me to maintain this blog.
Of course, if I was really smart I’d blog about a new boat, or a Ferrari, and see if one of those suckers would show up on my doorstep unexpectedly and with no bill attached.