Too Much of a Good Thing


Shortly after pressing send on my last blog -- which bemoaned the fact that I’d neglected to add some critical items to my Black Friday tackle orders and would now have to pay full price for them – I got a pleasant surprise in the form of a cardboard rod tube from our good friends at Tackle Warehouse.

Normally, that would thrill me, but I was a bit dumbfounded because I hadn’t ordered a rod from Tackle Warehouse. Apparently either someone had sent me a gift, or else TW was rewarding me for the frequency and volume of my orders.

The former theory gained some traction when I opened the tube and out slid a beautiful Dobyns Champion XP 795 swimbait rod. If a friend had gifted me with this, then apparently they were exceptionally generous, because the stick retails for $259.99 (or $207.99 if you were smart enough to take advantage of the 20% discount on Black Friday). With a highly-publicized upcoming trip to Mexico, I thought maybe they’d helpfully decided to improve my swimbait game.

Alas, after two calls to TW and 20 minutes on the phone, the helpful support staff determined that I had not benefited from an admirer’s generosity. Instead, they had simply made a mistake.

To thank me for my honesty, they added a discount code to my account, which will enable me to make another order at less than retail price. That has me thinking that perhaps I should add a few more items to my wish list, starting with a new swimbait rod.