In Need of Consumer Protection


I am officially the type of shopper that I previously made fun of.

I geared up for Black Friday, put together a list, pared it down to a reasonable length, and hit the send button. It arrived today. It includes stuff that I need, stuff that I may need, and stuff that I’ll likely never successfully use in the pursuit of a fish.

And now, eight days after pressing “send,” a few hours after taking the box cutter to the cardboard, just a short while after ogling and fondling the goods….

I’ve realized that it’s not enough.

Part of that realization occurred yesterday, when I completed the vast majority packing for of an El Salto trip that is still over a month away. Mind you, I have 50-60 pounds of tackle waiting for me in Mexico. I have another 20 to 30 pounds in the luggage that I plan to check. Nevertheless, in reviewing my lists I realized that there are at least eight items that I need, without which I’ve suddenly become convinced that I’ll come home without fish stink on my hands.

So I’m back to making another order. Fortunately, those eight items cost $56.92, so while I’ve foregone the 20% Black Friday discount on them, at least I’ll get free shipping on them. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Maybe I’ll wait another day or two before pressing “send” again so I don’t end up paying for express shipping on a subsequent order.