Buy Local


The last of our local bass-centric tackle shops died a few years ago. Sure, Bass Pro and Cabela’s are more accessible than ever before, but it seems to me to be ridiculous that the Potomac River – a world-class and exceptionally popular tournament venue – can’t support one kick ass place for me to squander my paychecks.

That’s why I was excited to see that District Angling recently opened up just a short drive from my house and a few miles from the Washington Monument. They look to be a one-stop shop for local fly anglers, with information about all of our local fisheries, guide services on those waters, and the appropriate gear to get the job done. We need a place around here where like-minded people can sit around and share information about fishing with just the occasional lie thrown in.

Despite my post-Montana vow in 2015 to immerse myself in the world of the long rod, I’ve yet to fly fish again, for trout or anything else. I might never do it. Nevertheless, I’m going to stop by District Angling one of these days and if there’s anything I can possible use – on the Potomac, in Mexico, or wherever, whether it be clothing, tackle or tools – I’m going to spend a few bucks. After a long time as a tackle desert, maybe this is the first step in a renaissance.