Ned Needs?


I’ve been late the party on plenty of tackle trends, including swim jigs, the dropshot rig, and, most notably, the Senko. I’m still wary of the shakey head, but overall I’ve learned that it is a terrible feeling to discount a technique for years, only to be forced to adopt it and then realize all that you’ve been missing.

That’s why I’m pretty adamant about spending some time fishing a Ned Rig in 2017. For years, I fished a Charlie Brewer Slider Head effectively, so I know that little do-nothing worms can produce quality catches, but the Ned Rig is about the least sexy presentation I can imagine, so I went to speed up the learning process as much as possible.

Plenty of anglers whose opinions I trust have told me that it works, but either they haven’t figured out the ins and outs, or else they’re not giving up the goods. Looking at Tackle Warehouse, I see at least six or seven different brands of Ned head – including no fewer than five from Z-Man alone – but I don’t know which ones I need.

They come in mushroom head and ballhead models.

They come with weedguards and without.

Some come with hook shanks that have screw-holders, some have barbs and some are naked.

Available sizes include the obvious 1/16, 1/8 and ¼ ounce models – but you can also get them in 3/32, 1/20, 1/15, 10, 1/6 and 1/5.

I already have all of the stubby Senkos in the world ready to use, but I’m having some trouble dialing in what I need to Ned. Why is this “easy” technique so difficult to start?