Shop Smarter


Black Friday is just about upon us, and if you’re a true blue bass angler the only thing you like to do almost as much as fish is buy more tackle. I am pro-commerce, pro higher credit limits, and pro glide baits, even though I’ve never caught a fish on one. My motto is “When in doubt, buy it.”

If you’re reading this before Thanksgiving dinner commences, then you’re probably still of sound enough mind to heed my advice. If you’ve already settled into a tryptophan haze, made worse by the fight about sports/politics/morality/dropshotting with your crazy uncle, then there’s still time to see the light.

The only people I can’t help are the ones who were crazy enough to make orders last week or earlier this week with full knowledge that this shopping frenzy was coming. Well, there’s one more group that I can’t help – the folks who spend $46.95 at Tackle Warehouse and end up paying $6.95 for shipping rather than hitting the $50 free shipping threshold.

I don’t know exactly what you need to get, but everything from bobber stops to drift socks should be available at a great price. With that in mind, here are four items that might be particularly well-discounted:

Damiki Rig components – As far as I can tell, this deal is only good for about two weeks in March on two lakes in the single state of Tennessee – and only for those who actually know how to read their graph-o-meters. If you were going to order them, you probably did so after the Elite Series visited Cherokee last spring, and then promptly hid them away for safe keeping. After that quick bump in sales, I’m sure the needle won’t move at all until about February, when they’ll suddenly be out of stock everywhere. Load your tackle boxes up now.

Binoculars – After a few years where the reports or broadcasts of just about every major tournament were tinged with alleged hole jumping, battles for spots and punking that would make Ashton Kutcher proud, last year was pretty non-eventful on that front. None of that “you’re not part of the community,” and no Sabine Ditch trash talking. The optics makers were in shock, and they should be running some specials to pick up lagging sales.

Beaver Lake Chamber of Commerce Coupon Books – For the first time in what seems like decades, the FLW Tour will not visit Arkansas to fish Beaver Lake. The only people more unhappy about that than two-time Beaver Lake champ Matt Arey are the local businesses, who will not have their usual influx of 150+ pros and a matching number of co-anglers buying gas, bait and biscuits.

Original Green Curados – If you find any, be sure to hide them from Steve Kennedy. Between those old reels and his 5/8 ounce swim jigs, he socked away nearly two hundred grand this year.

And if you do go to Wal-Mart to fight the masses on Thursday night, be sure to get one of those big 80” flat screens. It’s only a matter of time until you’ll be paying ten times as much for something similar for your Hydroblaster’s console. They’ll also have a great deal on step stools so that you can see over it.